X-men 97 Episode 7 Breakdown: Bright Eyes (2024)

In Episode 7 The X-Men are close to finding the ones responsible for the brutal attack on Genosha. But not before they say goodbye to a fallen hero who gave his life protecting his fellow mutants and his loved ones.

The article contains major spoilers from this episode and references events from previous episodes. We recommend catching up with the show before reading it.

It is Gambit’s funeral. He passed away saving Rogue and many others during the sacking of Genosha. He is fondly remembered by his fellow X-Men. But where is Rogue?

The X-Men say goodbye to Gambit

The eulogy was done by Kurt Wagner, known as the mutant called Nightcrawler. And it is a beautiful eulogy that remembers Gambit for the hero he was. He saved a lot of mutants on Genosha and best of all, he sacrificed his life for his love, Rogue.

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But where is Rogue? She wasn’t at the funeral and her fellow X-Men are a bit upset about that. It turns out that Rogue went on a hunt for Henry Gyrich and Boliver Trask. The two are the natural suspects because of the Sentinel attack that destroyed Genosha.

The scenes of Rogue Gone Wild are pretty..well, wild. It also displays the raw power Rogue possesses and how destructive certain mutant abilities can be.

The fact that Rogue can take down an entire secret black ops site is pretty amazing. But at the same time, it is a bit scary.

Rogue is one of the good guys but what if she wasn’t? She could tear down let’s say an entire shopping mall all by herself before you could even blink.

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I do understand why people fear mutants, their fears are not unfounded. The scene of Rogue has a nice cameo of General Thaddeus Ross, the general who hunts for the Hulk and it is also nice that he mentions that the site is built to keep contain the Hulk, which just emphasizes how powerful Rogue is.

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Rogue is rudely interrupted by the actual Captain America. He tells her that he is also looking for Henry Gyrich but Rogue wants none of the offers he makes to help her and throws his shield far away.

Captain America is another great cameo this week. It makes you feel that everything is connected.

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The X-Men are looking for survivors

Back in Genosha, The X-Men are looking for survivors of the attack of the Sentinels. Even after 10 days of finding no survivors, they persist that finding any mutant would give the other mutants hope.

After a long search, they find Emma Frost who has undergone her secondary mutation by turning her body into diamond. We have officially entered the Grant Morrison era of The X-Men.

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The Grant Morrison run is a very controversial one in the comics. Many things were turned upside down. For instance, secondary mutations are now possible. Emma Frost is one of them who can now turn her body into a diamond-like substance. The drawback is that she can’t use her telepathy. In the comics, Beast has also undergone a secondary mutation. His secondary mutation made him more feral turning him into a blue lionlike mutant instead of the Beast we know today.

The Grant Morrison run is known for having Xavier’s long-lost evil twin sister trying to destroy Genosha. She is as powerful as Xavier but she is filled with hatred. The reason for that is that, according to Cassandra Nova Xavier, Xavier tried to eat her in the womb. She is a bit wonky, to put it mildly.

The bigger threat is called Bastion

When Rogue finds Henry Gyrich she absorbs his memories. He is killed later that night by a Sentinel named Bastion. Boliver Trask contacts the X-Men. He is holed up in Madripoor. The X-Men go there to confront him about the Sentinels that wrecked Genosha.

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Instead, Boliver Trask talks about Mr. Sinister and that even he works for someone else. And that’s where the most shocking scene of the episode happens.

Rogue barges in and doesn’t hesitate to throw Trask from the top of the building essentially killing him. Now this is interesting, I always thought the X-Men fought for justice and equality.

Killing someone by throwing them off the roof doesn’t exactly adhere to the superhero code of not killing your adversary. Except for Wolverine, he agrees with Rogue’s killing of Trask.

Just when they think Boliver Trask is dead, he gets up and shows his true colors. Through machinations, Trask has turned into a human Sentinel. And this is also close to the comics.

The entire Bastion storyline is close to the comics. I am sure that the late artist Carlos Pacheco would shed a tear to see Bastion come to life on the small screen. I did anyway.

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During the episode, you can see OZT often come by on the screen. OZT is what creates human Sentinels, they use Mannites, like nanites but then the Marvel version of that.

The X-Men fight Trask and don’t hold back. They can’t pull the punches because the human Sentinel is too strong.

He takes down the X-Men one by one as if they are nothing. That is until Cable comes by and uses a grenade from the future and takes down Trask. Cable has returned, recognizes his parents but warns them of the greater threat at hand.

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We switch to Sinister and Bastion who are having a conversation about the fight. Bastion shows footage of Xavier and his fiancee Lilandra and Sinister complains that Bastion showed his Sentinel technology too soon and that he should have waited until he has a large army.

What Sinister doesn’t realize is that Bastion used Trask to see what a human Sentinel can do versus mutants but also to whet his appetite.

In the end scene, we see Bastion shaving Magneto. Magneto has a Genosha depowering collar on his neck and is powerless.

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The next episodes of The X-Men are going to be super exciting, there are so many plotlines happening, Bastion, Sinister, Genosha, Xavier’s marriage, Forge and Storm, and Cable that I am afraid that the show will lose the complete plot but I have confidence in the writers of the show.

I guess all we can do is wait and see what the future episodes bring!

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X-men 97 Episode 7 Breakdown: Bright Eyes (2024)


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